Support the Program

Thank you for your interest in the Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program. There are a number of ways you can donate to us. Below are descriptions of three funds that have been set up to support the program. 

  1. The Michael W. Adams Dobie Paisano Endowed Excellence Fund
    1. Seeks to build a sizable endowment that will ensure the continued future operation and capital improvement of the ranch and fellowship program.
  2. The Dobie Paisano Director's Fund
    1. Allows the director discretionary funds to spend on household items, minor improvements, and maintenance of the ranch and house. 
  3. The Dobie Paisano Log Cabin Preservation Fund
    1. Preserves, protects, and restores the mid-19th century log cabin located on the eastern border of the ranch. 

How to Make Your Tax-Deductible Charitable Gift

  • Write a check payable to "The University of Texas Graduate School."
  • In the check's memo field, be sure to indicate Dobie Paisano and which fund you want your donation to go toward, i.e., “Director’s Fund, Dobie Paisano.” If you are unsure which fund you want  to support, simply indicate, "Dobie Paisano."

Mail checks to:

The Graduate School
110 Inner Campus Drive STOP G0400
MAI 101
Austin, TX 78712

Please include your complete mailing address with your check. You will receive a confirmation of your donation.


The Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program and The Texas Institute of Letters are sincerely grateful for the support from the following foundations and individuals.

  • The Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Foundation
  • The William A. and Madeline W. Smith Foundation
  • The Ralph and Ruth McCullough Foundation
  • Carl Moerer
  • Cheryl and Brad Duff
  • Jill Lewis
  • Dee Osborne
  • William Allison
  • Jim Bones